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You have questions and we have the answers.
Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below or Contact Us today!

How long will my order take?

For a basic order with no add-on services, the standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days. Any additional add-on services, such as a custom hem tag (nice choice!), extend your turnaround time.

What file type is best for my job?

We prefer vector graphics (.ai or .eps). If you don’t have a vector file, we recommend 300dpi or larger in one of the following formats PSD, PDF, TIF or JPG.; however, our team of talented artists can work with almost any file. If you have a file type like this and need help converting your file to a print-friendly format, just send it our way!

How is my price determined?

Pricing is determined using numerous different factors but here is a good rule of thumb; more complexity yields more cost but more quantity yields lower pricing. Of course the cost of your substrate (t-shirt, hoodie, tote bag, etc.) determines the base cost. Complexity of decoration makes up for the rest with respect to amount of locations being decorated and design complexity/amount of colors.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum for Screen Printing is 24 pieces.

Our minimum for Embroidery is 12 pieces.

Will I receive a mock-up prior to production?

Yes. During the approval phase of your order, South Shore Customs will send a photo-realistic mockup of your product for your approval, prior to your order going into production.

I have a custom Pantone Color in my artwork, can you match it?

Absolutely! We can match any Solid Uncoated Pantone color. We have invested in a state of the art ink matching system, designed specifically for screen printing, to meet any and all of your custom color needs.

Do orders have a per size minimum?

Order's do not have a per size minimum. Feel free to mix and match at your leisure to meet the minimum order requirement for your embellishment choice. 

Can I order a blank sample of the garment prior to production?

Certainly. Just let your Account Executive know the garment sample you're looking for and we'll get a "Blank Apparel" Order started for you.

Does the price change according to the size of the garment?

For most styles, Small - XLarge are the same price; 2XLarge and larger cost more. These sizes use more material and cost more to manufacture. That cost is passed along to us when purchasing goods on your behalf. These additional costs will be addressed on your estimate, if required.

What if my order doesn't look right?

If your order doesn't match the digital mockup you approved, you can absolutely return the shirts and ask for a reprint, within 14 days of your purchase. Obviously, that's not something either of us want and we work very hard to ensure you get exactly what you're expecting!

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