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Referrals Get Rewards

Here at South Shore Customs, we believe our loyal clients deserve to be rewarded

when they recommend our services to others. To show our appreciation for those referrals, we've put together a gift card program. For every new client referral that turns in to a project, we'll mail you a $25.00 gift card of your own choosing.

For a limited time only, South Shore Customs will now be offering a $50.00 gift card of your choice for all referral orders that result in a sale of $500.00 or more until

the end of this summer — September 22nd.

Remember, earning referral rewards could be as simple as making a social media post!

Available Gift Cards:

Gift Cards

Terms & Conditions

Our terms are simple.

This offer is available for our past clients who are referring individuals directly from within their network. As a past client of ours, each time you refer a new client who ends up following through with a custom order, you are entitled to this offer so long as your referral mentions you by name during their quoting process either on our quote form, e-mail, or verbally.

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