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Getting To Know Your Project: Choosing the Right Item

Promotional Products

We know why you're here--you heard some kids talking about "swag" and now here you are asking yourself what swag is and how you get some of it... Maybe not. While it seems like the world turns digital more and more everyday, promotional items are alive and well and there are plenty of reasons why. Instead of diving in to a statistical rabbit-hole though, we will just say this; Promotional products stimulate growth. It's that simple.

So now we've only just begun to open the door to the world of promotional items and wow is it easy to get overwhelmed by the selections available to you. Here's a pretty good rule of thumb from our shop to you--if you can think of it, we can make it happen. Decorators are scrappy like that! Of course there are highly specialized requests that must be regulated by factors like time and budget but 99% of the time, we're not reinventing the wheel nor do we need to. The goal is to pick the best item for your audience that is not only useful but also thoughtfully decorated for your purposes; such that you can expect a return on your investment. Let's go in to a couple examples:

Let's say we're organizing a walk for charity. The most popular promotional products involved are some budget-friendly, screen printed t-shirts for everyone involved whether they be staff, volunteers, or participants. From there we could even offer various other branded items such as pad printed reusable water bottles or embroidered sweatbands.

How about some gifts to hand out at the next corporate outing? Office environments can really step their game up with screen printed or embroidered polos/woven dress shirts but we don't have to stop there of course. Pad printed office supplies such as notebooks, USB storage drives, pens, lanyards, etc. are wildly popular.

Play in a rock band when you're not grinding at the day job? No band should go without some beautifully designed merch to sell to their loyal fans. Screen printed apparel goes without saying but tote bags and embroidered hats have also been huge hits.

We could go on forever with examples along with some basic promo product ideas however every client and every project is unique and it's our job to help you sort through and pick the right items.

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When it comes to bringing your project to life, the importance of who you choose to work with can not be overstated. The team at South Shore Customs is not only committed to providing a fast and affordable service, we also stand by our craft as artists who are invested heavily in creating the highest quality products for our clients. Have questions about process or pricing? Want to get started on a project? Speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today.

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